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Personal Reviews on ChnLove: Dig Out the Truth Behind ChnLove Scam

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I have registered for almost two years. And my impression towards this dating website - There are so many kinds of beautiful Chinese ladies to browse, but it costs a little bit higher to communicate with these beauties. Though I am still seeking my dreamed lady, I do get fun on it.


The services I used most to contact the ladies are EMF Mail, Live Chat and Love Call. EMF Mail was used for self-description or discuss something specific in details. Its advantage is you can put as much information as you want; while the feedbacks from the ladies are a bit slowly. Live Chat is for instant communication, to express your emotion timely. And Love Call, I would use it when I am keen to hear the voice of her. I choose to use the specific services based on my own needs.

Like any other dating site, Chnlove receives both positive and negative comments. Some men show love and express thanks towards chnlove for helping them find their partners; while others complain for chnlove scam. They spent thousands of dollars but come in vain. I am not a person who follow the herd. I judge by understanding and facts. My attitude towards chnlove - It's not too bad, but no good enough. Like any other member, my hope is that the prices of services can be reasonably lower down, and it's allowable to exchange contact information if the members verify their identifications. I think most members have similar concern with me.


Compared to face-to-face dating, I am likely to choose meeting her online. Why? That's because it saves time and seek purposely. As an account manager, I don't have enough time to schedule a traditional dating due to the busy and overtime work. Therefore I choose chnlove for my passion towards Chinese girls. 2-year online dating experience make me realize the attitude matters a lot. If you are dating with a playing attitude, then you will receive the same treat. Besides, you should be very clear that what kind of woman do you really like. And take initiative to search with your criteria. Be sincere enough, you will finally find your special someone. It's just a matter of time.

Guys, keep in mind that Chnlove is just a dating platform. It is you who plays an important role to make decision what girls to seek, what services to use and do the judgment whether it's worthy or not. Good luck!

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